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Ronja Bosgraaf - Illustrator


I am an illustrator from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU),
with a talent for digital art and graphic design.

​I consider myself an illustrator without the label of a specific genre.  I am a multi-faceted person, with diverse interests, so my illustrations reflect that. I am always trying to push my boundaries to learn new things and take my craft to a new level. ​

I love screenprinting, and I love that I can create digitally and then print it by hand. 

It has allowed me to put my designs on textiles, which is incredible. 

(see Products for examples)

I feel myself being drawn more to figurative but still graphic work; bold shapes, a lot of contrast and vibrant colors. My work is mostly digital, or analog combined with digital. I love the freedom and speed that digital media gives me.

The line between analog and digital is one I'll always find interesting, my process in digital is based on the way I would paint. That's why most of my digital paintings still have that very traditional painterly feel to it. 

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06 102 77 542

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