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I am Ronja Bosgraaf,
a digital explorer with a passion for illustration and graphic design.

Last year I designed, illustrated and handprinted 22 unique cards for an exclusive productivity based tarot set. 
To see that project and a bonus comic book
Graphic design is my passion...

No really!
I work on branding, logo's, web design, packaging, print and art direction.
I have a deep love for digital art and creative software in general. I can do a lot of different digital styles and I love to keep experimenting to see how far I can take it.
I create clothing designs and use screenprinting to make handprinted
t-shirts. I sell them using Instagram, always be on the lookout for the next drop!

Here you can see a customer wearing it out,

he looks incredible!

grandpa shirt.jpg
Want to know what I can do for you or your company?
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